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By measuring and managing likelihood, impact and effectiveness together…

The Problem

Why Do Companies Struggle To Identify Third Party Risks? 



To blend data from various sources and uncover patterns


That can seamlessly incorporate any new data sources



To model the impact on various parts of the business


For different stakeholders to trigger actions to mitigate

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Risks occur along many vectors simultaneously, but it is hard to understand the full picture!

Global businesses maintain large and growing third party ecosystems to increase their competitive advantage. While these relationships offer strategic advantages, they also create significant challenges and risks including high-profile financial or reputational damage. 

Our platform is designed to help you drill down by partner/vendor company, the geographic location of the risk, the risk event type, level of risk, and how we sensed the risk

Third Party Risk Management

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An advanced AI and NLP based Risk Sensing Platform

From Faint Signals To Fast Responses

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Analog vs Digital Space


Assets Inside vs Assets Outside


Short Term vs Long Term


Sparse Impact vs Dense Impact


Financial or Operational vs Governance Impact


Heightened regulatory expectations require you to continuously monitor and manage your third party risk and performance. 

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Understanding and translating these third party risks to create value is critical. 

Third Party Risk Categories

Financial / Reputational Risks that the 3rd party will have a detrimental effect on the financial success or reputation of your business.

Operational Risks that the 3rd party will cause disruption to the operations of your business.

Legal & Regulatory Risks that the 3rd party will impact your business or their compliance with regulations or agreements in place.

Financial / Reputational


Legal & Regulatory

Weak Financial Terms

Tarifs & Taxes

Non Compliance of Financial Terms

Foreign Exchange & Currency

Third Party Integrity



Failure To Supply Product or Service

Bribery & Corruption

Violation of Labour Rights

Shortfall in Quantity

Substandard Quality

Information Risk (Accuracy, Timeliness, Relevancy)

Missed Delivery Dates

Unforceable Contract Clauses

Excessive Contract Complexity


Unauthorized or Improper Use of IP

Contracts Do Not Reflect Regulatory Environment

Data Breech

What happens when the third parties you engage with significantly increase your business exposures? TPRM is the only platform that combines artificial intelligence techniques with statistical modeling to identify faint signals of risk and help enterprises map the cascading impacts of their risks to the business. 

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This is the first time that likelihood, impact, and effectiveness are all measured and managed in one place. 

How It Works

Massive ability to listen to weak signals ("Can you sense everything?"), map them into risk categories, and refine / project them into risk events.

Sense Everything

What Get's Affected?

Ability to examine the risk events and combine with "how the specific corporation is organized" so that we can pinpoint what part of it will be affected by the risk. 

What Is The Effect?

Ability then to map its effects on the metrics of the business (market values, revenues, margins, market share, brand, loyalty, product, quality, etc.)

How To Triage To Mitigate

Ability to figure out exactly how to trigger risk mitigation efforts and monitor it.

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The platform scouts for strong and weak signals, models the impact, and identifies ripple effect.

Scout Weak Signals

Sift & search large volumes of emerging global information on your vendors & partners & pick the risks that matter

Predict KPI Implications

Our models predict the impact on your business metrics by division by region

Model Impacts

We then model them to  potential impacts on various parts of your business

Powerful Dashboards

We then use compelling visuals to present it to your various stakeholders for
timely actions TPRM is the only platform that combines Artificial Intelligence techniques with Statistical Modelling to Detect Faint Signals of Risks and Predict Impact on Enterprises.

Identify Ripple Effects

Map the cascading impacts of their risks to your business

Improve transparency and visibility to third party risk, improve productivity, and protect and grow enterprise KPIs (Revenue, Margins, Market Share, Brand, Customer Satisfaction, Valuation). Third Party Risk Management platform is the only one that does all three very well.