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JASPER Mortgage Document Processing suite is an automated, cognitive platform from


 Jasper can help your organization process large volumes of mortgage applications at scale, accurately, and in near real-time.

The Problem

Large US mortgage lenders process more than 8 Million documents per month. That’s 350,000 documents a day!  Adding to this is the complexity of processing more than 2,500 document types.

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Slow decisions from slow information distribution

Numerous types of unstructured documentation

Error prone and outdated manual data capture process

Risk decisions that rely on too many factors

Heavily regulated processes and stringent compliance standards.

Rigid solutions that dont scale with market fluctuations.

Current Challenges:


The platform brings together several key technology breakthroughs to ensure hands free operations without compromising on speed and accuracy.


Unlike traditional Document Management systems, the advanced AI platform is capable of reading documents, analyzing their content, and classifying them.

ACCURATE DIGITIZATION applies advanced Computer Vision algorithms to reliably let machines do all the post-scanning character recognition with almost no human intervention. Most OCR based solutions are easily impacted by issues like poor document quality, image skewing, etc. has developed an arsenal of pre and post processing algorithms that can remediate these issues and ensure accurate text extraction


The Jasper platform applies advanced clustering algorithms to group related documents together and derives the document lineage using smart rules based on the Customer context.  Furthermore, Jasper can extract relevant data elements through Natural Language Understanding from documents without any human effort. Both data extraction and document clustering can reduce effort by up to 60% than traditional Document Management systems.

ADVANCED SECURITY Jasper platform AI-based Document Management Systems use accurate and efficient techniques to detect personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive information and protect it when needed. Our platform can easily identify which employee has access to which documents and prevents any kind of unauthorized access, edits, or alterations.

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In addition, lenders have to deal with slow manual data entry and its high cost, all while being challenged to make faster lending decisions.

Traditional document management solutions are unable to meet the challenge as they lack the cognitive capabilities….(user error prone, rigid solutions, risk decisions)

The platform ingests application documents, extracts and classifies key information and makes it available in near real-time for lending decisions Jasper Studio Platform
Productivity Dashboard

Additionally, Jasper gives you comprehensive tools to improve your business productivity. The Productivity Dashboard gives you insights to the variables to control and maximize efficiency.

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We propose a simple 4 Step TIDE (Train, Integrate, Deploy, Explain) process to deliver superior value to our customers.


Different document types


With existing upstream and downstream applications


On-prem installation


Dashboard for transparency

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Business Benefits:

Optimized business processes with up to 90% time and effort saving.

Enterprise wide standardization for content. Creation of an enterprise taxonomy.

Discoverable content -  Ability to discover any content from any document.


Jasper Mortgage Processing Solution ingests application documents, extracts and classifies key information, and makes it readily available for lending decisions. Start processing  large volumes of mortgage applications at scale accurately in near real-time!

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